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Bike rental on hourly/daily/weekly and monthly basis!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

For how long can I rent a bike?

Nørreport Cykler offers bike rental per day, weeks and also on monthly rental. For more than one month of rental feel free to contact us personally in the shop.

What is the fee for renting a bike?

Nørreport Cykler offers different prices for renting bikes based on the amount of time you would like to rent them.

The fee for bike rental per day is: 100 DKK/14$/12€
The fee for bike rental for more than one day is:
70 DKK/11$/9€

Can I leave my backpack and storage at your store?

Feel free to place your bags at our shop, if you don’t want to carry them around in the city. Please notice! This is only available for a maximum of 1 day.

Are the bicycles available in different colors/sizes?

The bikes we offer are equipped with 7 or 3 gears and with a soft seat whether your going on a long or a short trip, it will be easy and relaxing. You will be able to choose your own pace and also adjust the height of the seat and the handlebar. In addition, we offer you a child seat (3-5 years), a basket for your personal belongings and a bike lock in case you leave the bike.

Types of bikes

Price per day: 349 DKK/53$/46€
For the bike above.

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